Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Great Home of the Soul is the Open Road

Only one review today...


Velva Jean Learns to Drive by Jennifer Niven- I really enjoyed reading this book. I thought it was descriptive and interesting, and throughout the whole book, i felt involved in Velva Jean's story. My favorite character by far was Johnny Clay. He was an excellently written character, and he was easy to relate to. I thought that Ms. Niven excelled at drawing the reader into the story, and she really showed Velva Jean's development as a character. She showed Velva Jean's growth and maturity, and helped me sympathize with her feelings of loss, abandonment, and entrapment in Alluvial and Devil's Kitchen. The high point for me was her marriage to Harley, but the beginning bored me at first. All in all, a very creative, interesting, and unique book.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Wonderful Tonight

ha. there went that promise.


Wonderful Tonight by Pattie Boyd- This book was sososososososo good. I loved it. I have a serious love of the Beatles, and i was so excited to read this. it definitely did not disappoint. though i didnt care for the beginning, i loved all of her stories about modeling, and of course her relationships with george harrison and eric clapton. this book drew me in, and when i finished it, i felt that i belonged in the sixties. it sounds like such a party and so fun. she gave her own spin to things, and i really loved this book. A+


The Vampire Diaries by L.J Smith- I have recently gotten into these books, and im so happy i have. the love story between stefan and elena is believable, though he's a vampire. they have the same problems other couples have, until the whole supernatural thing gets going. i loveee bonnie and meredith, and am so sad they took meredith out of the show. dont get me wrong, i find the show super addictive, but some of the characters they have changed dramatically or cut out altogether which is annoying. Though this book can get a little overdramatic at times, there are some great one-liners, and this book made me so happy. A

Thats all for now, but i swear i will try to post more. i swear!!!