Saturday, January 23, 2010

Wonderful Tonight

ha. there went that promise.


Wonderful Tonight by Pattie Boyd- This book was sososososososo good. I loved it. I have a serious love of the Beatles, and i was so excited to read this. it definitely did not disappoint. though i didnt care for the beginning, i loved all of her stories about modeling, and of course her relationships with george harrison and eric clapton. this book drew me in, and when i finished it, i felt that i belonged in the sixties. it sounds like such a party and so fun. she gave her own spin to things, and i really loved this book. A+


The Vampire Diaries by L.J Smith- I have recently gotten into these books, and im so happy i have. the love story between stefan and elena is believable, though he's a vampire. they have the same problems other couples have, until the whole supernatural thing gets going. i loveee bonnie and meredith, and am so sad they took meredith out of the show. dont get me wrong, i find the show super addictive, but some of the characters they have changed dramatically or cut out altogether which is annoying. Though this book can get a little overdramatic at times, there are some great one-liners, and this book made me so happy. A

Thats all for now, but i swear i will try to post more. i swear!!!

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