Monday, February 8, 2010


two reviews today...


Olive Kitteridge by Elizabeth Strout- I had very, very, very high hopes for this book, because of excellent recommendations by people i respect and admire. I mean, its a Pulitzer Prize winner, for goodness sakes, but I just could not get into it. Don't get me wrong, i was interested in Olive and Henry's story, but the fact that it was told in short stories made it hard for me to emotionally connect to what was happening. Towards the end, I felt a little more connected, but it still wasn't great. There are some books I can just fall into, the kind of books where i can read 100 pages without realizing it, but this wasn't one of them. I don't expect every book i read to be like that, but after hearing such fabulous reviews, I expected to at least become a little bit involved. I could admire the writing and the ideas, but it just wasn't for me. C+

On to the next one...


Blacklisted by Gena Showalter- I actually really loved this book. I didn't expect to enjoy it, because its about a girl fighting aliens, but it was really creative with how Ms. Showalter designed the A.I.R agency, and the agents she created were very cool, even though they were trying to kill the main characters. Erik was awesome and gorgeous, and I liked that the author gave him some depth, as opposed to being just a pretty face. My one dislike about the book was how the main character Camille hero-worshipped Erik throughout the book. Sure, he's cool, but that doesn't mean you have to act like he's a hero before he proves it to you. He was a hero, but until a little ways through the book, she had no proof of that. Also, their constant kissing was a little too much. Its like, we know you want to make out all the time, but you're kind of about to die, so control the hormones for a second. Other than that, I really enjoyed the book, and will now be getting her other books. A-

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