Sunday, December 13, 2009

Hello, My Name Is...

Hello, my name is Kelsy. I've never done a blog before, so bear with me while I learn how to do this thing. My plan is to (mostly) review books, and maybe rant on some things that i feel strongly about. I have no real authority to do this, but I love books and read constantly. I will try to review at least one book a week, hopefully more. Now, let's get started.


The Devil in the Junior League by Linda Francis Lee- Okay, I just read this book, and I completely loved it. I thought it was really funny and well done, and I enjoyed it immensely. This book is about a proper Junior Leaguer, Frede, in Willow Creek, Texas, whose husband runs away with his mistress. He takes her money and vanishes, and the only one who can help her get it back is her trashy neighbor Howard, who also happens to be the only lawyer in town her husband didn't associate with. The lawyer agrees to help her, with one condition: She gets his unfashionable, cheap wife Nikki into the Junior League. The problems that ensue are funny, though Frede can get a little too high and mighty at times. The best parts are the ones with Nikki and Frede arguing, and when her husband inevitably comes back. There were times when Frede's arrogance annoyed me, but the minor characters, like the ladies in the Junior League provided excellent color, and Frede's husband was deliciously evil. This book was interesting, witty, and well written, so I'd give it an A-.

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  1. Welcome to book blogging! I look forward to reading your reviews!